Wednesday, May 3, 2017

New Adventures Coming in 2018

It is with both sadness and excitement that the time has come to move from our current home. When we purchased our house in 2003 it was so we could build an attached house for Mark's Mother Connie. She was able to live in her home next to us for six years before her dementia forced us to put her in a nursing home. She passed away on February 11, 2017 from pneumonia a few months shy of her 94th birthday. It was always our intent to buy our "retirement" home someday so this year is the year to start hoeing out our "stuff". I am sure there will be numerous barn sales and perhaps items on eBay. Needless to say I will not be making dolls for a long, long time. Thank you all for visiting and I hope to send a few updates as we enter this new phase. God Bless,♥


  1. Best wishes, Judi, in this new adventure! Of course, the dolls will wait until all of this is behind you. Please do keep us posted on how things are going. Take care!!!


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