Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Brother And Sister Gebruder Bing Art Dolls

My other doll has arrived and is dressed in her antique undies, dress and bonnet. She joins her brother who is dressed in his new shirt, lederhosen and hat. They are both 11" tall and have identical bodies with swivel heads which are hand painted with oil paint.


  1. I didn't realize they were so small. I love them! I know you dressed the boy, but what about the girl? Either way, she is dressed beautifully!

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    2. I made a mistake so I deleted the first reply, sorry! Mary, the doll on the left (facing camera) in the photo was wearing an original outfit which was a cotton onesie, a dress with an orange top and plaid skirt, apron, scarf, socks and pointed tan felt shoes. The dress top had a lot of moth holes. When I purchased the second doll pictured on the right, I thought the face looked more like a boy but it was wearing a dress, which was not unusual for the time period. I decided to switch clothes and make the "boy" doll a new outfit. Both dolls are now wearing the outfits that I think matches them better. long explanation and if you look at past posts I explained it perhaps better.


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