Thursday, March 24, 2016

A 4" Miniature Izannah Walker Dolly

This doll has reminded me why I rarely do tiny dolls, my eyes are never going to be the same! The latest (top) picture shows some shading I did after the first photos were taken.

Now I have thumbs too!


  1. Beautiful Judi! I'm amazed. I have long been thinking of making a cloth doll for my Hillbilly fairy dollhouse......may I ask what cloth you used for something so tiny? The tiniest fingers. The fabric I use are too heavy. Very pretty dress too, did you hand sew this doll?

  2. Thank you Sherri,♥ I made her body out of cotton muslin which I stitched on a sewing machine. Her fingers are hand stitched and the little thumbs are toothpick ends glued in then covered with a tiny amount of papier mache then painted and sealed. Her little dress is all hand stitched except machine stitching to attach the skirt to the top. Her skirt is doubled material so I didn't have to hem it which helps it flare nicely. The hard part is always painting such tiny features. I hope I answered all your questions and would love to see yours if you do make a little one.

  3. Thank you Judi, I will look for the right muslin. The tip about doubling the skirt part...good thinking! I've never stitch anything that small, but really there is no other way. Beautiful work, thanks for the information!


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