Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Another day and another repaint and redress for one of my cloth dolls. I have named her Rebecca to go along with her cross stitched sampler.


  1. I am loving the faces you are painting these inspiring. Rebecca and her sampler are priceless! I have finished up a non-doll project, and got my doll work back out yesterday, so... Working with Millie has taken quite a bit of my time lately, but she is about to get the hang of things around here. I love her!

  2. Thank you Mary, it does my heart good to hear about Millie. I love that name and she is such a pretty little thing. Rescue dogs are the best, Tucker says "Hello Millie",♥

  3. This doll is very pretty and her sampler is so nice too. You have lots of great dolls here to see. Rebecca is very charming and has a sweet old fashion face.

  4. Thank you Martha. What are you doing up at 12:14 AM? LOL


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