Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Number Eight Finished! SOLD

Getting there!


  1. She is so sweet and as always, I love that fabrics you choose. A mold would be an awesome time saver. I couldn't sculpt a head in a month, let alone paint one that didn't scare children!! Great job!

  2. Thank you Sherri, you made me laugh so hard I scared the dog!

  3. Ah, a beautiful little lady in favorite way to dress a doll! I hope you will share some of your mold making experiences with us.

    1. Thank you Mary, this is my favorite fabric, the brown is almost a plum color with a pale blue print. I am waiting to hear back from a guy named Mark Prent (he is in Montreal until tonight) who lives just 12 miles from me. Visit his web site at to see his work. He is an expert in mold making and casting, Ideally he will make me a mold. I will know more when I talk to him on Friday. I have made a doll mold before but was not happy with the process at all. It is very expensive if you make any mistakes just in the material alone, so I decided to go to an expert this time with a sculpt that I really like.


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