Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Last Days of Summer!

It's coming, Autumn is almost upon us. The nights are getting cooler, there is a damp fog in the early morning, pumpkins and mums are now for sale at the local store and the corn fields are almost ready for harvesting.  It won't be long before we are seeing flocks of geese heading South, the black birds and Blue jays are already flocking together and making quite the ruckus around here. Enjoy the last days of summer my friends.


  1. Oh, so beautiful! What a great picture...lucky cows! We are still mostly green; will probably be another month before we see a lot of color.

  2. Such beautiful colors in the photo. Vermont in the fall is on my bucket list! We are still very green in southern Missouri. The walnut trees are beginning to turn yellow so we will see fall in about a month.

  3. We are in the very beginning stages here in the valley but the North East Kingdom is starting to show colors. I have been selling our cider at the local Farmers Market this week and they tell me it will be a great year for foliage this year.


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