Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A New Project Finished!~Victorian Button Keep Dolls

I am making a series of Victorian ladies. They slip over a mason jar you can fill with buttons and their bodies will keep your pins and needles.


  1. What a great project! Lovely ladies!

  2. Thank you Mary, I suppose you could store lots of different notions or even fragrant soap in the jars so perhaps I shouldn't call them button keeps. I could call them "The Mason Sisters", LOL

  3. Wonderful faces on these ladies. I love the fabrics too. I have never heard of this kind of doll, but what a unique idea!

    1. LOL, you have never heard of this kind of doll because I just thought of it the other day. I have tons of fabrics that I want to use up so the body is sewn completely in the printed cotton then I have painted the head after an application of gesso. I was going to display them in a glass but found that a mason jar is even better to store your notions, etc.

  4. very neat idea. these little dolls would be very handy to cover lots of things in jars. I would never have thought of it.


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