Friday, August 7, 2015

Apples, Apples, and More Apples!

Early this past Spring, Mark trimmed our two apple trees in our front yard. Our trees yield apples every year but about every other year they almost double the yield and the harvest is more than we can handle. This is definitely a very bountiful year for apples, the tree branches are bent way down from the weight as you can see in the pictures (we could actually drive the lawn mover underneath the branches in the early summer). We save plastic qt. milk containers that are bleached and cleaned and have over 200 saved since we didn't make cider last year. We will be very busy the first two weeks of September to say the least. We pick a local town charity and set up a road side stand. The cider is "free" but we ask kindly for people to donate what they wish towards the charity.


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    1. I think I need to get some good recipes for apple sauce and apple butter this year.

  2. That is wonderful, Judi!! I trimmed our few apple trees in January and oh my goodness!!! Last year we didn't have one apple. But this year... Holy moly!!! I'm looking forward to making an apple pie or two. Or three... Or four... Or five... :> )


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