Saturday, August 15, 2015

An Izannah Walker Style Doll SOLD

Do you remember Jacob? Well after considerable conversations with him, he revealed he was in fact a girl doll. I found this mid 1800's dress which convinced me to make the changes.


  1. Caleb was right on this one! (I do think Caleb & his little lamb were adorable) A beautiful dress that is certainly "perfect" for this dolly. I love the sweet little dolly too. What is Caleb's new name??

  2. aww whoa Sherri, She is gorgeous!! Man I wish I had 1/4 of your talent.. not just sharing the the same name :) Love Hugs , Sherrie

  3. SO Sorry Judi, I was looking up at Sherri's name when I was writing your Comment..Sheeze now that is embarrassing! Just the same Judi I LOVE your doll!

    1. Thank you for the beautiful comment,♥


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