Friday, August 28, 2015

The last flowers of summer!

Cooler nights mean that before too long we will be seeing the maple trees turning color and the tourists will be seen on all the back country roads in our small town and throughout Vermont. School has started this week for most, the school bus goes by my house full of kids excited to get back home after a long day at school around three o'clock. I hear them playing outside not ten minutes after the bus arrives in the neighborhood which is such a pleasant sound. I live in a rural neighborhood where the houses are about a quarter of a mile apart from each other, some are clustered a little closer but since we are in a valley, the sounds echo throughout the area.  We can hear the baseball games in the village that is about a mile away. The fair starts tonight so we will be hearing fireworks coming from the town of Essex which is about 12 miles away, I tell you we feel like we are in fish bowl, the sounds around us seem to settle in our yard.  My most pleasant of all night sounds from distant towns is the night train which runs the length of the western part of the state from south to north. It is a lonely almost sad sound to hear the distant rumbling of the tracks and a few short whistles. I hope you all are enjoying the changing of the seasons as much as I am.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Miss Lily is 1 year old!

My Great Grand Daughter Lily celebrated her 1st birthday this past week so I thought you would enjoy a few pictures of her in her birthday tutu. My son Sean brought her in the garden and captured a special moment. Check out the dirt and tomato cheeks!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

An Izannah Walker Style Doll SOLD

Do you remember Jacob? Well after considerable conversations with him, he revealed he was in fact a girl doll. I found this mid 1800's dress which convinced me to make the changes.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Apples, Apples, and More Apples!

Early this past Spring, Mark trimmed our two apple trees in our front yard. Our trees yield apples every year but about every other year they almost double the yield and the harvest is more than we can handle. This is definitely a very bountiful year for apples, the tree branches are bent way down from the weight as you can see in the pictures (we could actually drive the lawn mover underneath the branches in the early summer). We save plastic qt. milk containers that are bleached and cleaned and have over 200 saved since we didn't make cider last year. We will be very busy the first two weeks of September to say the least. We pick a local town charity and set up a road side stand. The cider is "free" but we ask kindly for people to donate what they wish towards the charity.


Monday, August 3, 2015

Introducing "Emily", A Hand Painted Cloth Doll

Happy August!

The night sky was beautiful the other night, captured by a local photographer, the blue moon was indeed a sight to behold. The weather here in Vermont has turned less humid and a bit more Fall like and soon the Champlain Valley Fair will be in town for a week.  Mark and I like to go on a cool evening and take in all the sights and sounds and of course go crazy with all the foods that we don't normally eat because the calorie count is enormous. The corn fields are high and the produce at the local farm cooperative we belong to has kept our daily plates full of fresh organic vegetables and my freezer is full of strawberries and soon to be raspberries. Before they close in October I will add lots of tomato sauce, winter squash, chopped onions, peppers and corn. Have a great day everyone and enjoy the last days of summer!