Monday, July 20, 2015

My Garden Photos! Summer 2015

There is no flower I love more than a Lily so of course my gardens are full of them and the month of July bestows such beauty around my house because of them. When I retired in 2005, my employees gave me a gift certificate to a Lily farm in northern Vermont.  Mark and I spent over 2 hours wandering the gardens and picked out 12 varieties that have now multiplied and matured as we had hoped.  Here are some photos taken in the gardens this year.


  1. Your flowers are so beautiful. My fairies would love to have such a lovely garden setting for their home!

  2. Your little fairies would indeed love to play in the gardens I am sure! A very good friend of mine has a gnome garden. She built a wooden house atop a tree stump with winding stick stairs covered in mushrooms and moss. From her trees she has gnomes swinging from branches. The "Gnome Garden" is full of gnome families scattered about and her collection keeps growing every year. Her grandchildren are delighted by it of course but so are adult visitors.

  3. I love your gardens; wish you would show more of them! Ahh, the, so, beautiful. Of course, my favorite is the gorgeous orange!

  4. Thank you Mary, my "star gazer" open this week so i just added another picture. picture

    1. I just re-read my reply message and my writing looks like I was drunk, lol!

  5. If it takes drinking to have a garden like yours, I am all for it. HA! I have been back and forth several times admiring every picture. So like Tasha Tudor's garden, don't you think?

  6. Tasha had the most beautiful Holly Hocks that I always envied, they are on my to do list for my next house when we down size in a couple of years.


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