Friday, July 3, 2015

Making Progress on Jacob, My Izannah Walker Boy Doll

I received my stockinette from Gail Wilson yesterday so today I applied a covering to Jacob. He now has two coats of gesso and artist acrylics and rubbed to a beautiful sheen. I haven't made up my mind yet if I am going to "antique" him because I like him just the way he is but I also like an antique look. I will think about it for a while. More pictures to come as I progress.


  1. Oh, he is wonderful! You are causing a stir inside my head...I need another boy!

  2. Thank you Mary for commenting, I was beginning to think it wasn't worth posting as I rarely get comments anymore, it is appreciated. I love your dolls and think of them every time I see a canoe, rifle or Indian doll. It has been nice to have the time again to make dolls. Have a great day!

    1. Judi, I think being a dollmaker is a road less traveled, so that we must often go the way alone. But, not to worry, for you are one of the true doll artist still at work. I sometimes just like to look around here at all of your fabulous dolls. Keep up the good work!!!!

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