Sunday, June 7, 2015

Another go at it!

I repainted my papier mache doll (again) and like the results much better. I think she looks more like the original paint pictured of the similar antique doll. I know I won't get a "perfect" look but at least I tried and I think she looks better than when I found her at least. I did leave a lot of scuffs to her hair to keep the antique look. She now has definition to her eyes and I really like her coloring. I have purchased some German made black and brown two tone shoes and made her some stockings from knit fabric. It is fun to work with a new "old" doll!


  1. I copied all 3 and put them together for a comparison.Your last paint is the best. I find when I paint less is best. The softer color looks great.

  2. You nailed it this time...third time charm, I think! She is perfectly, love the dress!


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