Monday, April 21, 2014

Day 4~ "Amelia" is Finished!

Here are photos of the doll I have been working on, I have named her "Amelia".  She is 27" tall and can wear real baby clothes such as the antique slip, christening gown and bonnet pictured. I have modeled her after an 18th century oil painting by Mary Beale. The only hair on her head are her eyebrows as she is a very young baby. I suppose she could be a he named "Arthur" for that matter. I tried to capture the allure of 18th century eyes which are often off set and void of much expression. I hope you can see what I was going for in the photos. Click on photos to enlarge.

Portrait of a Baby attributed to the Circle of Mary Beale (1632-1699)
England, about 1690-1730, Museum no. B.447-1994 Oil on canvas - 

Close up of hand comparison.

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