Wednesday, February 19, 2014

We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Program!

I had every intention of showing some progress on the wooden Queen Anne dolls Mark and I are jointly making but a problem developed. Our band saw has two speeds, one is slow and the other a little faster, well actually it is a lot faster and it seems to have a mind of its own and stay in that setting. To prevent my doll bodies from becoming toothpicks we have decided it best to get it repaired. Mark is going on a trip on the 25th and won't return until March 11th so it will be in the repair shop while he is away.

I do have another project I have been working on that you might find of interest, an altered art wooden Queen Anne. I am calling her my "Candle Stick Queen" as she is doweled onto a wooden candlestick. The poor thing was destined to become an unloved relic as she was missing her arms and legs so I rescued her and here are the results of my efforts to make her a charming lady again. She stands 12 1/2" tall, has been completely repainted and distressed. I have carved out and inserted glass pupiless eyes decorated with dotted lids and brows. I made her tiny hands with paper clay and dressed her in a reproduction brown crewel work printed cotton and lots of lace. Her apron is a remnant of antique embroidered cotton.

The blue hue you see in her hair is effects from bad lighting!

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