Sunday, July 21, 2013

An Early German Grodnertal Peg Wooden Doll

Some History of Grodnertal Woodens
Wooden dolls date back centuries. The earliest were crude carved pieces of wood shaped like a human figure. But today it's rare to find a doll made before the 1600s, when English and German draftsmen skillfully carved wooden lifelike dolls. Most collectors today look for later carved "peg wooden" dolls like those made in Grodnertal, Germany. The dolls, which date from about 1820 to 1840, were created with arms and legs that could bend because of their pegged joints at the knees and hips, elbows and shoulders. The early ones have heart-shaped faces, long necks and elongated bodies. Their extra-long legs showed off their high-waisted Empire-style dresses. After the 1840s, doll carvers took short-cuts and the dolls had round faces and chunky bodies.

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