Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I have Lost Count!

I have lost count on how many "Izannah" inspired dolls I have made in the last few years. I can see a lot of improvement since my early dolls and what seemed like a daunting task back then comes so easy for me now. I will never aspire to create a truly "historical" doll and have to chuckle when I see that in a dolls description because some of mine have been down right "hysterical" not "historical by any stretch. The important thing is that I am enjoying the process immensely and if someone else likes my dolls enough to buy them all the better.  Over the years I have purchased many artists dolls for several reasons, because I love and admire their work, I can learn how other artists create their dolls and I know I am helping to support another artist.  It is one thing to sit back and receive compliments on your work but truly an honor when another artist buys what you have made.  Thank you to all my customers and fellow doll artists that have supported and encouraged me on my doll making journey.

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